``Handcrafted label with Mediterranean influences``
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  • Thinker / make-it happener

    The creative brain & force behind the KHÔSY Home Collection is founder & owner, Khachabi Fatima. With very little savings she managed to transform a crazy obsession for interior flavours into a small business. As no instruction guide was available, she literally pushed herself into the tough perfume & candle industry. During that bumpy journey she kept believing that coming home in a relaxed and peaceful environment should be a standard value to everyone's personal lifestyle. A perfect recipe is to stimulate your mind by introducing the power of nature right into your favorite home-spot. Then it's all about enjoying that 'natural feeling' just the way you like it the most. Feel free to discover the KHÔSY Home collection, flavoured with Mediterranean scents!

  • Creative concept

    Our main focus is definitely mother nature, even when it's hard to think green in this current society. Our collection created from the finest & precious materials is Mediterranean inspired. At this stage, many quality checks were executed until we 'smelled' everything was right! Our 100% ECO-FRIENDLY products comes with a story, a vibe and a feeling...

  • production

    Craft production is important for our trademarked label. The entire candle collection contains 100% CERTIFIED ECO SOY WAX & ORGANIC COTTON wicks. All fragrances are cruelty/parabeen free, composed of ESSENTIAL OILS and fully compliant with IFRA regulations (International Fragrance Association). Our general production is based in Belgium and strictly executed accordingly to the European norms.

  • happy clients

    We'll do whatever it takes to make our buyers satisfied. Our customer service, available in Dutch, French & English, is happy to handle all of your questions within a short period of time. We really do care a lot and wish to meet you, your friends & family soon again on our webshop!



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